The vegetarian vision

Turning vegetarian while travelling in Vietnam was part of this self-healing plan for my latest trip abroad. Between jobs, I leapt at the chance to travel for an extended period to somewhere that requires a certain substantial amount of time, rather than be confined to the rushed holiday of “two weeks annual leave”, an aspect of permanent work that I loathe. I put everything on hold – my life, my career, my finances – to make this escape …

The destination – Vietnam.

The purpose – to discover myself, to escape the trials and tribulation of life back home, to really travel and explore, and of course, to have an amazing memorable time.

For a long time, I have read that for my blood type, my body type etc that I should be vegetarian. Numerous past attempts have failed … so embarking on this journey, I decided to use this as an excuse to try again. It definitely helps being in a country where vegetarian / vegan options are abound (and may I say, absolutely delicious!), and it also helps to be initially visiting a good friend from back home who is vegetarian as well, to be my guide.

Day two in the country and I have to say, so far I have eaten like a Queen. An avid fan of Vietnamese food back home, I did not come clueless to Vietnamese culinary delights, but to say I’m impressed so far, would be an understatement. Fresh, spicy, tasty, vibrant, colourful, enticing – its all of the above and more. I am extremely excited about what else will be passing my lips in the weeks to come … photos are sure to come …

Last night I did unfortunately succumb to the meat at the Vietnamese BBQ restaurant we went to, a brilliant al fresco establishment, perfect for relaxing in the warm night air. The smell was simply wonderful and I lost all willpower. Although I embraced the meal and thoroughly enjoyed the meal, surprisingly I came to regret it a little today … instead embracing our all vegan lunch instead to cleanse the palate. Throw in a crisp sweet Watermelon juice with a stunning meal and I felt happy inside again.

The vegetarian vision still stands, I will endeavour to stick to it for the rest of the trip and reassess my health at the end of the month. I need to see for once and for all – will it actually make me feel better within myself? Will I feel healthy? We’ll just have to wait and see …

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