Minimalist movement

Lately, I’ve really noticed how much stuff I have. Like far too much. And I feel a little bit crowded in amongst all this stuff … and yet at the same time, this is my life in material things. Memories, souvenirs, books, CDs, vinyl, university materials, and more. It never used to bother me but after my travels to countries where many people don’t own even a quarter of what I do, it’s really hit home how much stuff I have acquired over the years. So what to do about it?

“Paring down my possessions over the last two years has afforded me more free time and more freedom and a less stressful life.” – The Minimalists blog

The Minimalist movement has really taken hold in the last few years and there are now hundreds of blogs out there devoted to it. Two that I have taken a liking to are The Minimalists and Becoming Minimalist. These have both given me insightful information and viewpoints that have helped accelerate my desire to clean out and cut back to ultimate live my life to the fullest. The challenge now is where to begin – that leaves me feeling a little bit overwhelmed, but is one I need to overcome shortly, or I’m never going to get started.

Do you feel that you have too much stuff? Would you like to cut back to just the essentials? Where would you begin?

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